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Who Should A Have Skincare Routine

Men’s skincare is on the rise, mostly for the middle aged or older generation as they come to terms with wrinkles, crows eyes and the general fact that their body doesn’t feel, or look, as good as it once did. Is this the only demographic that should be focusing on their skin? In this article we will analysis exactly who should have a skincare routine and whether it’s right for you.

Women have had skincare routines for literally thousands of years. Analyses of her mummy have found that traces of Aloe Vera and it is believed that she applied it daily.

womens vs mens skincare

We, as men, on the other hand focus on shaving and splashing our faces with water. It all adds to the the rather rugged vibe we like to portray. One could say, that is our great advantage, as we tend to age better. Our wrinkles aren’t necessarily seen as a negative…more like the aging of fine wine (as long as you treat your body and self like a fine wine). It’s as if they add character to our faces.

So far so good, rugged is good. There is a big but however and this is, how would you feel with droopy eyes and brown spots all over your face and the face of a 70 year old at the 40? Looking your age is great, but you don’t particularly want to look older than your age. Especially, if it involves such things as bags under your eyes.

Which Men Use A Skincare Routine

Let’s have a look at which men you know, have a skincare routine. From celebrity actors to athletes, this is a lot more common than you would expect. Especially amongst the men that are classified as handsome, good looking or young looking for their age.

David Beckham

David Beckham has a 7 minute men’s skincare routine which includes moisturising and cleanses his skin.

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin understands that all skin ages, even our hands. Which are exposed to the elements even more than our face a lot of the time.


Pharrell is one of those characters who appears immortal. He doesn’t seem to have aged for the last decade or two. He gets his skincare from his dermatologist, according to Huffington Post, and has for years! Pharrell has multiple steps in his routine which include cleansing, toning and moisturising. Could this be the secret to his agelessness?

Kevin Hart

The comedian and actor is no stranger to skincare and according to himself invests heavily in it. This is what he has to say

“I use La Mer scrub and after I use the scrub I use the wash. Then, I use a hot towel to clean it off. After I take it off, I then take a replenishing moisturizer and put that on my face. And I cover that with a sealant.”

George Clooney

George Clooney doesn’t follow a specific routine as such, except for using a high quality ivory soap. What he does do, and what has also been shown to benefit the skin, is hit the steam room. On top of this he also has spar treatments.

Who Needs A Skincare Routine

Who Needs A Skincare Routine

At this point you can argue that maybe it’s not necessary for anyone below 30. I have, in fact, heard someone with a very large following on Instagram say this (the man is in his mid 20s). Dermatologists and anti-aging experts disagree however, as do I.

This is akin to arguing that eating well isn’t necessary early in life. As far as I am concerned, the earlier you can look after your largest organ, the better. Now let’s dive into who definitely should have a routine, as these people are the most prone to faster aging.

People who work in the sun are exposed to it’s beautiful rays for most of the day. This includes gardeners, athletes and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Even though the sun is amazing, and necessary for us to be healthy, it does cause accelerate fine wrinkle development on the skin.

Getting sufficient exposure to be healthy and set your body clock is important. This is early mornings, when the rays aren’t at their strongest.

Wind and harsher climates also accelerate aging, as do repetitive facial contractions. This is why people who laugh a lot have visible laugh lines and look happier at at old age. I’m definitely not arguing for not laughing, just laying out the little things that add up to cause skin aging.

In short, anyone who spends a prolonged time outside, squints a lot or is exposed to a lot of sun should have a skincare routine to slow down the process of wrinkle acquisition.

Besides that, anyone who cares about slowing their aging and looking younger for longer.

Beginner Suggestions

Keep an eye out on excessive exposure to the elements. If you’re going to spend all day outside then a good hat and clothes will work wonders. The link below will provide a full routine for anyone interested in a simple men’s skincare routine.

The Beginner Routine

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