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Where To End The Neckline

Beards now being all the rage, it is time to dive into the do’s and don’t and the all too common question “where to end the neckline?”. Often men walk around with a poor neckline. Usually, this is because it is difficult to see the neck properly, as a result it can give off a rather scruffy look. You’re here because it is possible for you to create your own stylish neckline and sport a masculine beard at the same time.

In the initial stages, when you’re sporting stubble, some maintenance is required so it won’t take much work. In this initial stage even some unruly stubble can look good. However, once your beard reaches a good few mm it is time to reach for the trimmer.

Step 1. Where To Stop The Neckline

There are actually two schools of thought on this. Some say anything below the chin/neckfold needs to go and others like it to go to just above the adam’s apple. The latter requires a lot more work because the beard on the neck has to fade and become thinner and thinner as it moves closer to the adam’s apple. If it doesn’t it will result in a hobo look. In my opinion, ending in around the neckline like the photo below results in the best look.

Smooth end to the neckline
A Smooth Neckline

Step 2. Define The Neckline 

Defining the neckline means the end of it has to be visible. It has to be an aesthetically pleasing to look at. As the distance from the face to the neck varies depending on the area of the neck, this line also has to adapt. If you look at the image above the end of the neckline at the chin is different from the end of the neckline at the side of the jaw. If you’re unsure about how to do this yourself, it may be prudent to see a good barber first. Preferably one who has plenty of experience, who can take your beard line virginity without you leaving full of regret.

Seeing a barber should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience which makes your confidence skyrocket once you leave.

If you decide to follow this step you’ll know exactly what the end of the neckline should look like and you can simply maintain is where the barber ended it.

Step 3. Start In The Centre

This is crucial if you do it yourself. Make sure that you place your trimmer in the centre under your neck, just above your adam’s apple. Start lower than where you want to neckline to be so you can adjust. Starting in the centre allows you to adjust around the sides and make sure your neckline is proportional. If you start on the sides, you’ll likely end up with an uneven mess that will take a few weeks to rectify, unless you shorten the line further which can result in an undefined jawline.

You have two options around creating a personalised neckline. You can either add a square look, which tends to be better for those with less defined jawlines. Alternatively you can create a more rounded look, which will make your face seem less “harsh” but also potentially less masculine. Ultimately trial and error will dictate what you end up choosing. If in doubt start round and work your way in.

Step 4. Fine Tune It

At this point you’ve decided whether you prefer a square line or a more round look to your neckline. Time for the final touches! You can now work your way down and around and remove any stray hairs that may be poking around. Make sure you do this in a place with good lighting, especially if you have a lighter beard colour, as you may miss some. Missing them will result in people talking to you seeing them. Remember those long hairs on an elderly woman’s chin that everyone is too embarrassed to mention. That should not be you when you’re trying to emphasise a stylish beard.

Step 5. Skincare

Make sure your skincare and beard care are on point. Having a great beard with poor skin health can actually be counterproductive and create an unhygienic look.

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