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Where to end the beard line

Where To End The Beard Line

Part 2 of our article on beards, this time; Where to end the beard line around the cheeks. For Part 1 on the neck line, click here.

You’ve learned how to trim your neckline and that part of you is looking stylish, now it’s time to learn where to trim the beard line at the cheeks. This is equally important. Especially, since everyone is so vastly different. Some will have their facial hair almost grow up to their eyes while others while have their stubble stay low.

Step One – Beard Growth

Before you can adjust anything and make it fit your beard growth and desired style you need to let it grow. If you start working on it before you’ve let it grow out you won’t know what you’re working with. This is like trying to trim a hedge while its sprouting out of the ground.

You may go through a phase where you don’t like the way it looks. Bear with it and let your masculine glory shine. You know what you ultimately want it to look like. This phase will usually take around 4 weeks. If you’re really hesitant about your looks then use Movember as an excuse.

Step Two – Layout

If you’re not an expert at this use a pen or some shaving foam to draw lines from your sideburns to the corner of your mouth. Look at the image below so you can see how its shaped. In my opinion, you should go and see a good barber to begin with who will do this for you and not mess it up.

There are many high quality barbers that don’t charge a fortune, if finances are a concern. If you suffer from shaving rashes, then having the adequate post shaving lotion is also important.

There are a variety of shapes for you to choose from. If you prefer a more rounded look as opposed to the angular one shown below, then imagine a gentle curve sloping down and around to your opposite ear. There are quite a few tools you can use to make this process even.

If you do want to trim your beard yourself, then carry on instead of seeing a barber. Then carry on!

Where to end the beard line

Step Three – End The Beard Line

Trim the beard BEFORE you shave. Once you have your desired and symmetrical beard shape you can use a shaver. Use a blade to clean up and make it look smooth. What’s important, is that you keep looking after your skin and beard. Grow a beard for style not too look scruffy. Looking after it like a pet should be part of your daily routine.

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