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Charisma On Command

Charisma On Command – Review

Recently, my brother suggested a certain youtube channel to me. It is called Charisma on Command. Now bear with me, as this will be very relevant to Style and Brawn. First off, I don’t spend a huge amount of time on youtube watching videos. I feel like I’m wasting my life when I do. But I do use it for music sometimes, don’t we all?

During a discussion on character, charisma, commanding respect and discussing peoples opinions on others, we somehow got to youtube videos which discuss these topics. More importantly, videos or people that break down behaviours. I had never heard of any that I thought were useful. Useful to me, is something that I will watch and learn from and that I can suggest to the awesome guys who read these posts. Our aim is to be better men in every aspect of life.

Then, out of blue, “Charisma On Command” was suggested to me. ‘Charisma On Command’, I was told, ‘is a Youtube channel dedicated to all aspects of personality’. As soon as I got home I looked it up.

I spent a good hour or so watching a variety of different videos on the channel, with the aim of learning how to be a better man. So here are my current thoughts on the channel. I’ve included my thoughts on whether you may want to spend some time watching it next time you venture down the youtube rabbit hole.

What ‘Charisma On Command’ Is About

The channel describes itself as follow:

‘Want to be more charismatic and confident? We make videos to help you learn how to be more confident, how to make people laugh, how to be more likable – basically everything about exuding charisma. Relationships in life are everything, so we want to teach you to turn on your most confident, charismatic self in the moments that matter most.’

From the videos I’ve seen this is very true. The channel is centred around these key elements and remains true to its core. I have to commend the creators for keeping true to their ideals. The channel has a professional yet casual feel. In addition, it also isn’t cluttered with videos, which may or may not be related to the topics on hand.

Clarity Of Explanation

The creators, Charlie Hubert and Ben Altman, do a great job of conveying the messages in each video in a clear and concise manner. The language used is not excessive and the pronunciation is always clear. In addition, there is little use of words that imply uncertainty such as “sort of” or “like”.

This, to me at least, implies that they put a lot of effort into each video and do their research carefully to create content that their viewers will actually benefit from. I do not know how many years the creators have honed their craft for, but I can only assume it has been a long time. Such simple, yet concise audio commentary doesn’t happen overnight. Ultimately, that’s what you want from a channel focusing on charisma.

Video Quality & Content

As the saying on the internet goes “filmed on a potato” does not apply to this channel. The video quality is top notch and is nicely varied. When I began watching the videos, I felt like I would have liked to see the face of the person commentating. This would inject a little more personality. Having said that, I am also aware, that this is completely personal opinion.

I soon realised that there were videos which did include the creators. This gave it the personal touch I felt was necessary. Of course, videos about particular celebrities should be focused on the person being analysed. All in all there is a nice balance of analysis of famous peoples behaviours and videos with tips directly by the guys making the videos.

Charisma On Command
One of my favourite elements is the list which get’s completed throughout the video.

The numbers don’t lie. 3 Million subscribers and 1000s of views per video show that the viewers obviously enjoy the content greatly. I count myself amongst these people now, as I have found great benefit to a number of the videos.

Final Thoughts On Charisma On Command

You may be wondering why, amongst posts on men’s skincare and lifestyle, I have decided to talk about a Youtube Channel. The answer is simple. I benefit from the content created and I believe you may do so too. If you are at all interested in how certain personalities convey so much respect or why certain people are just great at entertaining people then this is for you.

Most importantly, I believe you may be able to apply some of the the little bits and pieces to your own life. Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or struggle with certain elements of your life and you’re not sure why. This channel is likely to open your eyes to some of your more unconscious behaviours. Little changes and improvements carry over into career as well as relationships.

You can be a better man in whatever area of life you choose to want to be better in. Hopefully, that’s all of them.

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