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Results without Guess-Work

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Effective Training

The best programs are those that are based on your training history, age and goals.  Cookie cutter programs are useful people in the teens and early twenties but don’t transfer well to professionals.

Proven Weight Loss

Scrapping all the nonsense in the fitness industry and only using the aspects that have been proven to work over and over again.

Save Time

No nonsense approach results in you have more time to spend with your family, spend less time in the gym and actually achieve results.

Past Clients

I can't recommend Alexis enough - He took me from zero fitness and overweight to being happy with both over a 18 month journey. He is excellent at tailoring the training to the level of the client whilst also pushing to make progress and setting ambitious but achievable short and medium term goals.
Nick Millican
Chief Executive at Greycoat Real Estate LLP
Training with Alexis has paved the way for the healthy lifestyle I've always wanted. His bespoke program truly catered to my own individual needs and, as a result, has allowed me to achieve my goals within 9 months!!! I cannot thank Alexis enough for his continued patience and dedication throughout my transformation. He's taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the little pleasures in life.
It was an was an absolute pleasure to work with Alexis and am so thrilled with the results I've achieved with his guidance. It wasn't easy, but definitely worth it! Thank you so much!
Gisela Botelho
If I had to define Alexis in one word it would be professional. In a whole year training with Alexis I realised that his professionalism is as remarkable as his knowledge about different exercises and body positions when you're training.
Other remarkable skills are hard work to help you get to your goals. I gained 10 kg of lean muscle with good definition which got me more modelling jobs. On the personal side I friendly and kind trainer, almost like a friend. Without a doubt the best choice if you want to change your life and body shape.
Raul Tejada Acha
Model and Sommelier